Covid-19 Recovery

We have written this page to help you in your recovery from Covid-19 infection. 

Around 10% of people will experience ongoing symptoms more than four weeks after an episode of Covid-19. Most of these will be feeling better by twelve weeks. 

‘Long Covid’ is a term coined by patients themselves before the condition was fully recognized by the medical profession. In the UK ‘Post-Covid-19 syndrome’ has been defined by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE)  

Ongoing symptoms after 12 weeks not explained by an alternative diagnosis. It usually presents with clusters of symptoms, often overlapping, which can fluctuate and can affect any system in the body.

We do not yet know what causes Long Covid. We know anyone can be affected regardless of age, gender or whether you had a mild or severe illness. Common symptoms include fatigue, breathlessness, brain fog, sleep disturbance, cough, smell disturbance, low mood and anxiety and can drastically impact your daily functioning.

Recovery is an uncertain journey. We want to support you by taking a ‘whole person’ care approach by looking at your individual symptoms and how they are impacting on your life. Feeling unwell profoundly affects the way we perceive ourselves, what we can and cannot do, how we behave and relate to those around us. We can help by assessing you and helping to devise an individual recovery plan. Everyone’s needs and recovery are unique and we can signpost you to services, therapies and techniques that can help.

General resources  for information on managing symptoms, wellbeing and recovery

Connected Kingston to help you find information and support within Kingston Together Hub, services through Kingston Social Care

Covid recovery exercise programme from physios at Northwick Park Hospital and recommended by our physio team here at Kingston health Centre Programme for Covid recovery from Team at John Hopkins in USA and recommended by physios here at Kingston Health Centre

The Long Covid Self-help Guide – Book from specialists at the Post-Covid Clinic in Oxford (Green Tree)


Practical advice on conserving energy for people during and after Covid-19 from Occupational Therapists,rather%20than%20from%20your%20waist. 

Sleep  general advice and sleep programme

Smell disturbance

Lost or changed sense of smell – NHS (    

Smell training :: AbScent 

SmellAbility© – Training & Testing – Fifth Sense


Physiotherapy for breathing pattern disorders resources for physiotherapists (

Breathing exercises for breathlessness

Voices of Hope (   6 week course – weekly 40min sessions to help with breathlessness and anxiety based around singing

Mental Health – mental health support, Long Covid Health Management Group, guided self- help and CBT  -mental health information and support App- based help to manage worry

More than a Game – Mental Health SupportExercise for mental health for young people run by Fulham Football Club

Flu & Covid vaccinations

We will be delivering a Flu and Covid vaccination programme this Autumn. NHS England have asked all vaccination sites to bring forward the delivery of these vaccinations in response to the emergence of a concerning strain of Covid-19 virus circulating (BA.2.86).

Where possible we will be co-administering both vaccinations starting from 23rd September.   Please let us know if you would like to book an appointment - You can use the Contact Us Button below

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