Coronavirus update

This week has seen an increase in numbers of confirmed cases in the UK. The approach so far has been to contain cases but with rising numbers it is clear that further spread is inevitable and we need to focus on slowing progression in communities. Most infected patients experience a mild illness and will make a full recovery. The elderly or people with long-term conditions are more at risk of severe illness.

What is happening at Kingston Health Centre?

We are updating daily in accordance with the latest national guidance to ensure we continue to provide excellent care. We have increased signage to alert patients coming to the building who are at risk to access advice through the 111 service and not attend the practice. From March 9th patients booking online appointments will be contacted by reception ahead of their appointment to assess risk. Patients booking by phone will be similarly triaged. You may be advised that a video or telephone appointment is more appropriate. We have set up a coronavirus page on our website to provide information and links to the latest guidance.

What if I think I may have Coronavirus?

Check the latest guidance on whether you may have been at risk while travelling. Protect yourself and other by self- isolating at home. DO NOT come down to the practice or visit the pharmacy or hospital. Contact 111 for advice and testing if needed or phone 111

Please be aware that coming to Kingston Health Centre is not advised. We have vulnerable patients here who are put at risk if exposed to Coronavirus. We are unable to provide testing here. This is done via 111. A patient with confirmed infection would be disruptive to the running of the practice- with closure for deep cleaning and exposed staff requiring to be quarantined and unable to provide care.