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Member Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
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04/06/2019 10:45 am  

What is your experience of using online services? What is working well or less well? Are there other services you would like to access online?

Joined: 1 year ago
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04/10/2019 4:48 pm  

I like the availability of appointments online.  I can always get an appointment online at 7am. Would be good to have flu vaccines online

 Pauline Mason
Joined: 11 months ago
Posts: 1
21/01/2020 11:18 am  

I would really like for there to be clear appointment slots for a health check (blood test, blood pressure etc). It is unclear how we can do that, as I imagine that does not need to be done by a GP, and could be a nurse. Please can you clarify.

Member Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
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07/02/2020 5:05 pm  

We are trying to open up as many different types of appointment for online booking as possible. Nurse appointments can be booked online for cervical screening tests and flu jabs. The reason that we don't offer online blood test booking is that patients usually need to discuss with the GP what bloods are needed first. We have an excellent system of on-the-day blood tests, so that if you have a morning appointment we can do the bloods on the same visit.

You mention "health check" and it is good to clarify this. We participate in the NHS Health Check scheme which offers a 3 yearly assessment of stroke and heart disease risk to patients aged 40-75 years. This involves a blood test- to check for diabetes, lipids, blood count, thyroid, kidney and liver test. This is followed by a face to face appointment which includes a blood pressure check. Please ring reception who can book you in.

There are various options for patients wanting just a blood pressure check. We have a self- check machine by the reception area on the 2nd floor. You can also book an appointment for a BP check with the Health care Assistant if you prefer. 


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