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Before you book an appointment, please use the resources below to check who would be the best person for you to see.

1 What do you need help with?

Find the best person to book an appointment with at the surgery. We have a highly skilled team of professionals working at Kingston Health Centre. To see a list of staff roles and who does what, please click here.

Please book an appointment with a practice nurse

Please book an appointment with a healthcare assistant. Please fill in our contact form letting us know which bloods you need before your appointment.

Please use the self-check machine on the 2nd floor by reception or book an appointment with a healthcare assistant using our contact us form.

Please book an appointment with a practice nurse using our contact us form 

Please book an appointment with a practice nurse. If you have recently registered from abroad and you are not sure if your child is up to date with the UK immunisation schedule, please forward us a copy of your childs immunisations to and our practice nurse will be in touch

Please consult with your local pharmacist who will be able to advise and  recommend over the counter medication.

Please book an appointment with a practice nurse / Hildegard or Daria on the HCA team. Please bring a urine sample to annual review appointment (you can ask for sample bottle at reception)

Please book an appointment with the practice nurse

Please book an appointment with the GP, who will examine your ears before booking irrigation with the pratice nurse.

Please contact the practice admin team via the accurx form.  Please note there may be a charge for your request and our admin team will discuss this with you before going ahead.

Please contact reception via phone as early as possible to facilitate your request

Please use the self-check machine on the 2nd floor by reception and submit the results to the receptionist. If you experience problems with your pills please book a GP appointment.

Please follow instructions on our website

Coil Fitting at KHC

Implant Fitting at KHC

Please book an appointment with a GP.  You can do this via our contact us form.  We have ringfenced appointments for our skin clinic with Dr McHugh, Dr Woods & Dr Hughes who all have a special interest in dermatology.


Please book an appointment with our Musculoskeletal Specialists.  You can book an appointment via our

contact us form.  You will be sent a link to choose an appointment at a suitable time for you.


Please book an appointment with a health and wellbeing coach

Please book an appointment with a pharmacist at KHC

Please book an appointment with a social prescriber

Please book an appointment with a health and wellbeing coach / HCA (Hildegard)

Book via Patient access Book via the NHS app Send us an email

Please book an appointment with a GP.  You can do this via our contact us form.  We have ringfenced appointments for our menopause clinic with Dr McHugh, Dr Beattie & Dr Carr, who all have a special interest in menopause care.



Please book in for your first appointment with our health care assistant team.  This will include a blood test, height & weight, blood pressure & some further lifestyle questions.  You can use our contact us form to book in for your blood test.

You will then be booked into a follow up appointment with our Health & Wellbeing team for the second part of your healthcheck to review results.


You can view your test results on the NHS app once the GP has reviewed these.

If your test results are abnormal or need repeating the GP will contact you via text message

You can also use the contact us form to enquire about your results.

Please book an appointment with your assigned local health visiting team.

Please consult with your local pharmacist. They will be able to provide you with advice and over the counter medication.


2Book an appointment

We know that being flexibility is key for our patients and so at Kingston Health Centre we offer different ways to book an appointment.

Direct Booking

You are able to go online via the NHS app from 07:00 on the day, or call our reception team from 08:00 to book a same day GP appointment. You can also book online via the NHS app up to two weeks in advance.

Via our Triage Form

Our Triage Form offers an alternative choice to patients to book an appointment – we have ringfenced appointments available for patients completing our form.  We have a designated GP who reviews all the incoming appointment request forms to make sure that you are seen by the right person at a time suitable for you.

If you need assistance completing the contact form, please call reception on 020 8549 4747.

Triage form

Book an appointment with us via the Triage form.


Online from 7am

using the NHS App
or via patient access

Call us from 8am

020 8549 4747
from 7am Monday – Saturday

How to cancel an appointment

Don’t need it? Cancel it! Please give as much notice as possible so the appointment can be offered to someone else.
Email . You can also cancel using Patient Access or the NHS App

What if there are no direct booking appointments when I contact you?

Please complete our  Triage Form. We have appointments ring fenced on the day & up to 2 weeks in advance for patients completing the triage form.  Your request will be reviewed by the GP on the same day and care arranged for you.  Patients who need to be seen urgently by us will always be offered an appointment on the same day.  If you feel your request is urgent then please make sure you mention this on our form as well as preferred contact times. 


I still need to see or talk with someone at the Practice

Please contact our admin team by email and we will be able to advise.

Home visits

We encourage patients to come to the Practice where we have proper equipment and facilities but appreciate this is not always possible. You may only request a home visit if you are housebound or too ill to attend the Practice. Please contact us as early as possible in the morning.

We work closely with local colleagues in the 2-hour Urgent Community Response Service who are professionals including community nurses, nurse and paramedic practitioners and physiotherapist. They provide a rapid and comprehensive assessment, management and can follow-up. They help support patients to be cared for at home and avoid unnecessary hospital admission.

Accessibility at KHC

Hearing Loop System: We have a hearing loop system for use in reception for people with hearing aids

Guide dogs: Guide dogs are welcome at the Practice. We ask that you be aware of patients who may have allergy or fear of dogs.

Dementia-friendly building: We have worked with Alzheimer’s UK to ensure that our building layout and signage is clear for those who have cognitive impairment or confusion.

Interpreter Services

You are welcome to bring a family member or friend who can interpret to your appointment. Alternatively, we use telephone interpreting services. Please let us know at the time of booking if you need an interpreter as this enables us to book a longer appointment for you.

Who does what at Kingston Health Centre

They respond directly to patient email queries. They manage administrative procedures such as the referrals system, health reports and provide essential support to other professionals within the practice. They can help chase appointments with other services.

Liaise directly with patients by phone and are responsible for overseeing and booking patient appointments.

Provides overarching responsibility for patient care at the Practice. They have a wide knowledge base including urgent and complex health matters.

Helps support patients with monitoring of long-term conditions, immunisations and cervical screening, dressings, ear irrigations.

Qualified doctors who are undertaking specialist training to become GPs. We also have an F2 trainee who is in the second year- post qualification and gaining experience of general practice. All our trainees work in the practice under the supervision of their GP trainer.

Helps with blood tests, ECGs, smoking cessation, diabetes checks, NHS Health Checks and assists with long-term condition management.

Medicines advice and expertise. Conducts medication reviews

Repeat prescriptions - advice and information

Connect patients to advice and support in the community that can help meet their practical, social and emotional needs.

Help patients to lead healthier lifestyles. They can help with setting goals, motivation and making positive change.

Act as a link person between various professionals, the patient and their family to ensure that their needs are being addressed and they are receiving more joined-up care.

Assess and advise patients with musculo-skeletal ( MSK) problems. They can make referrals to hospital MSK services when needed.

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