Our range of services

We have a fully equipped minor ops room and Dr Hughes runs a regular clinic for the removal of lumps and bumps. Please book a routine appointment with one of the GPs first to assess whether you need minor surgery.

Sexual Health Services

We are accredited by KISH (Kingston Integrated Sexual Health) for our comprehensive sexual health services.


We offer a full range of contraceptive options. All our doctors are able to provide contraceptive advice.

Long acting contraceptive methods such as the coil and implant are easy to access.

Coil and Implant Fittings

We have a Fast track system to make it easier to directly access coil and implant fittings. Please find the relevant information below
Alternatively you can book an appointment with Dr Beattie or Dr McHugh to discuss further.

Implant fitting- information leaflet and video link

Coil fitting- information leaflet and video link

We can provide contraceptive services to those who are not registered at Kingston Health Centre.

STI testing

We offer testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. Chlamydia is a very common sexually transmitted infection, with sexually active young people at highest risk. We offer screening by self-swab or urine test. For those who test positive, the infection is easily treated with a course of antibiotic.

HIV testing – best to know

HIV is now a treatable medical condition and those with the condition can expect to remain fit and well on treatment. Despite this, a significant number of people are unaware of their HIV infection and remain at risk to their own health and of passing the infection on to others. Late HIV diagnosis can be more difficult to treat effectively. We offer all new patients the opportunity to have an HIV test. You do not have to have to answer any unwanted personal questions or discussion before having the test. If you are worried about having to wait for test results we can offer you an on- the -spot test with results within a few minutes.

Cervical Screening Tests

A cervical screening test is a quick, easy and reliable way to detect abnormal cells at the neck of the womb (cervix) that can lead to cancer if not treated early. Regular screening tests can prevent cervical cancer and it is important to get one done. Women aged 25-49 years should have one every three years and those aged 50-64 every five years. If you have a history of abnormal screening results you may need to have repeat tests more frequently. If you have had a hysterectomy (unless if was for cancer) or have never been sexually active you will not need a screening test.

Maternity care

We have a midwife from Kingston Hospital who runs a clinic on Tuesdays. All of the GPs are able to provide maternity care. During your pregnancy you will have the opportunity to see both the midwife and GP for routine checks.

Health Checks

If you have recently registered with the practice we can offer you a check with one of the nurses involving a lifestyle questionnaire, height and weight, urine testing and appropriate blood screening. We also offer health checks for those over the age of 40years aimed at reducing the risks of future heart disease and stroke.

Travel Clinic

We offer a comprehensive travel service and will put together a personal immunisation plan for you. The practice is a registered Yellow Fever Centre. Some of the immunisations are not free. Please book an appointment with one of the nurses and complete a travel questionnaire on the day of your appointment. Ideally book at least six weeks before your planned departure.

Travel risk assessment form

Video Consultations

We want to make sure that seeing a GP is accessible and convenient for everybody and have therefore added video consultations as an option for our patients. You will need to be signed up for online services in order to access video consultations. These appointments can be booked online or through reception.

Diabetes Clinic

We will invite you for an annual diabetes review. This consists of blood and urine tests, BP, weight and foot check. You will be assigned a diabetes GP who will contact you about the results and ongoing diabetes care.

Smoking Cessation

Want to quit? Tried before and been unsuccessful? Come and speak to our smoking cessation advisors who are trained to support you to stop smoking successfully. They are up to date with all the medications that can help you quit.

Homeless services

We recognise that homeless patients find it difficult to register with a GP and access good healthcare. We work closely with local charities to ensure that patients can register easily and be seen the same day to address their health concerns promptly


Strains, sprains, muscle, joint pain or stiffness? Why not book to see our Physiotherapy Practitioner instead of the GP today?

Our experienced physio will conduct a thorough assessment, order any tests you may need and give you the very best advice on recovery.

Asthma and COPD clinic

It’s a good idea to have an annual review with lung function testing and we can make changes to your treatment if needed.

Healthy Lifestyles

Weigh to Go
This highly popular ten-week programme is for those who would like to lose weight and make healthy lifestyle changes. It runs on Wednesday evenings at 6pm.

The dietician visits monthly clinic to provide nutritional advice to adults and children with for a variety of conditions. Appointments are arranged after initial assessment with the GP or nurse.

Weekly walk
Join us for a weekly walk, usually along the river. Anyone is welcome. Meet outside Kingston Health Centre 1.30pm for an hour of relaxation and fresh air.

Virtual Clinics

Changes in medication and monitoring your response to treatment have traditionally  been done by booking a face to face GP appointment. We recognise that this is not always convenient or necessary and so we have set up a number of ‘virtual’ clinics.

As part of these you will be able to email/ phone or skype the clinician managing your care to discuss blood results/ blood pressure etc. You will be actively monitored and contacted until your condition is stable and this is no longer needed.


Hypertension/ Blood pressure
Using a blood pressure machine at home is reliable and effective. Patients can send us these readings and we can advise on whether any changes are needed.

Achieving adequate reduction in uric acid levels can take time and whilst you’ll need to come in for blood tests discussion around results and medication changes can take place remotely.

Learning Disability

We offer patients an annual health check with the GP (doctor). You can come on your own or with your carer. At the end of the appointment the doctor will give you a Health Action Plan. This will say what you, your carer and your doctors are going to do to help you stay healthy.

Have a look at the form below. It is a good idea to fill it in as best you can before your appointment. You can bring it with you or email it to us before your appointment.  KHCadmin@nhs.net

Pre Annual Health Check Questionnaire

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Easyhealth.org.uk  is full of brilliant information that is easier to understand.


English not your first language? Please feel free to bring and friend or family member with you to interpret. However we know that this is not always possible or appropriate. If you would like us to arrange an interpreter for you please contact our reception team who will be happy to arrange one.

Veteran Friendly Practice

We are an Armed Forces veteran friendly accredited GP practice.

This means we have a dedicated doctor (Dr Richard Hughes) who has a specialist knowledge of service related health conditions and Veteran specific health services. This is important in helping Veterans to get the best care and treatment.

If you are a Veteran please let us know.

Menopause Care

At Kingston Health Centre, we support women to make the right choices about their health. Many women suffer with physical and emotional symptoms that have a significant impact on their daily lives that can be treated successfully.  Dr McHugh has a specialist qualification in menopause care and Dr Beattie a longstanding interest in all aspects of Women’s health including menopause.

Flu vaccinations 

Flu vaccinations are still available at the practice, please call us / email us or contact us below to book an appointment. 

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