Your feedback is important to us

Your views are very important to us. Experiences and ideas on how we can do better help us decide on changes we need to make to our services. Your positive feedback is always welcomed and motivates us to keep improving what we are able to offer.

Friends & Family Test

We have a very simple feedback system used widely across the NHS called the Friends & Family Test. You can complete it online or you may receive a text after an appointment asking for your feedback. Click on the links below for further details about Friends & Family.

We publish our feedback and you can see the latest results below.


Collecting your records
We keep records of every patient consultation on the practice computer system as well as results of tests and letters from other health services you have visited such as the hospital. All your records are held very securely and can only be accessed by staff using special smart cards and unique passwords. Your records are managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, ( GDPR) 2018.

All staff are bound by strict rules of confidentiality about patient information. No information can be divulged to anyone outside the NHS without your agreement unless in exceptional circumstances such as when required by a Court Order or where is there is risk of serious harm to a child (Child Safeguarding).


We strive to provide outstanding care but recognise that sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

If you are unhappy about any aspect of your care, please raise your concern as soon as possible. This helps us to look into matters, rectify the situation and learn while events are recent. Contact the Practice Manager who can advise you further.

If you wish to make a complaint please contact us by email 

The practice will acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days and aim to have looked into matters within 10 working days. At this stage we will respond with an explanation and offer you a meeting with the person(s) involved.

Our aims in responding to complaints are:

  • Ascertain the full circumstances of the complaint
  • Arrange for you to meet with those concerned, if you wish
  • Make sure you receive an apology where this is appropriate
  • Learn from events so that we can make changes to ensure a similar situation could not happen again.

If you are making a complaint on behalf of a patient, you will need to obtain their consent in writing.

Accessing your records

You have the right to see any records concerning yourself. Access can only be denied if there are compelling reasons.

All our patients have always been given full access to their medical notes. You will need to apply in writing or email the Practice Manager.

You can access a summary of your records online. You will need to register for online services to be able to do this. Contact reception if you need help.

Sharing your records

The NHS in England has introduced an electronic record called the Summary Care Record (SCR) to be able to take better care of you when you use the NHS. The SCR is a copy of key information such as the medication you are taking, any allergies you may have and includes your name, address, date of birth and NHS number. Allowing authorized healthcare professionals to access this information will improve decision-making by those looking after you and help prevent mistakes being made when you are being cared for in different settings. The SCR improves the safety and quality of care wherever you need it in England.

Under General Data Protection Regulation, from 25/5/18 new patients will be asked to opt in to the SCR. This will not affect those currently registered who can choose to opt out of SCR.

General Data Protection Regulation, 2018 – Privacy Notice

You can access our main Privacy Notice about Direct Care here.

We have additional privacy notices relating to Emergencies, Care Quality Commission (CQC), National Screening Programmes, Payments, Research, Safeguarding, Summary Care Record and Risk Stratification. Please contact the Practice Manager if you would like to see these.

Flu vaccinations 

Flu vaccinations are still available at the practice, please call us / email us or contact us below to book an appointment. 

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